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A series of installations behind the windows, during the second covid-lockdown in Berlin, on display for just a few days in February 2021 @Verwalterhaus, Prenzlauer Allee 1 Berlin.

EINE AUSZEIT, die verborgene Serie



A new series I developed during the time the Verwalterhaus was temporarily closed during spring 2020 due to Covid-19; Auszeit, die verborgene Serie/the hidden series. One artist, with one work, during one week. A painting, a video or a musical composition, ‘hidden’ in the temporarily closed gallery on Prenzlauer Allee near Alexanderplatz.

Only accessible online, or by personal appointment. A series of six artworks in Berlin. With the collaboration of Max Thielmann, Giacomo della Maria, Timothy Isherwood, Martina Nußbaum/Nicole Janze, James Gallagher en Niels Beugeling.

Artist books made by Niels Beugeling:


Whooper swan (2018)                                                                                                                      Red kite (2017)
Common gull (2017)
Griffon vulture (2016)
Swift (2014)
Crane (2013)
Hawk (2010)
Raven (2005)
Goose (2004)
Crow (2002)

From the series Traveling animals
Each edition 15/20 signed copies


Catch (2010)
Artistbook on the fishermen of the Galata Bridge in Istanbul
An edition of 10 signed copies

20120101_104936 kopie

Photo taken during a bicycle ride through Germany, summer 2018

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