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EINE AUSZEIT die verborgene Serie.

A new series I developed during the time the Verwalterhaus was temporarily closed during spring 2020 due to Covid-19; Auszeit, die verborgene Serie/the hidden series. One artist, with one work, during one week. A painting, a video or a musical composition, ‘hidden’ in the temporarily closed gallery on Prenzlauer Allee near Alexanderplatz.

Only accessible online, or by personal appointment. http://verwalterhaus.kulturkapellen.de. A series of six artworks in Berlin. With the collaboration of Max Thielmann, Giacomo della Maria, Timothy Isherwood, Martina Nußbaum/Nicole Janze, James Gallagher en Niels Beugeling.




Bibliotheek Den Haag/Perscentrum Nieuwspoort, 10 April – 10 May 2020/postponed due to Covid-19

An exhibition on drawings and illustrators symbolising freedom in The Hague to commemorate 75 years of freedom in the Netherlands. Stories of artists, statements about freedom. Curated together with Aldje Bertrams, and in cooperation with Cartoon Movement and Syrian dreams.




On 23. and 24. of November 2019 my work was on show at the annual art fair at the Verwalterhaus in Berlin.


niels verwalterhaus kunst herbst bazar 2

IMG_4833 kopie



During the finissage of the exhibition Sometimes I wonder on September 20. 2019 a beautiful artist book was presented on the work of Mark Brusse, in cooperation with artist collective Knust from Nijmegen.



On the 23. August 2019 the exhibition Heimatgefühle, über äußere Umstände und innere Zustände opened in the Verwalterhaus, Berlin, Prenzlauerallee 1. On view until September 15.

IMG_4036 kopie

Heimatgefühle is a show I curated together with Benjamin Kummer. With artists Keiko Sato, Malte Sänger, Bilal el Soussi, Hengame Housseini, diekleinefraubraun, Achim Kirsch en Stina Kurzhöfer. An exhibition on identity, home, memory, origin and our common future.

And each Friday there was a special program with music, readings and theater:

30/8 2019: Steve Luxembourg

6/9 2019: Ralle und Bolle – shadow theater

13/9 2019: Clemens Schittko

15/9 2019 (finissage): gHSTS&gUITARS



On June 20. 2019 the exhibition ‘Sometimes I wonder’ opened in Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen. A retrospective I curated together with the artist Mark Brusse. An overview of 60 years in art!

Niels en Mark during the installation of an artwork


Natural wood



Papegaai 1 kopie
Parrot on the run, W.P. Zeylemaker jr.

For the Stedelijk Museum Zutphen I’m making an exhibition on photography. From a staggering collection of images 60 special ones will be on show as from 27. April 2019. From an elephant visiting the mayor in front of the city hall till awkward moments of people shaking hands and looking at undefinable things

The show is called Picture this! On view: Stedelijk Museum Zutphen,
27. April – 1. September 2019.





Returned from a short trip to Paris on September 17.-19. 2018. Visited artist Mark Brusse in his studio. We selected several great paintings and sculptures for his exhibition next year in Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen. A retrospective of 60 years of artistic practice.




20120101_071349Cycling tour from Berlin to Waldsieversdorf on September 9. 2018. Together with Bas van der Schot. We visited the summer house of artist John Heartfield. He lived in this house during the summer months from 1952 till 1968. The house, situated in a beautiful area of the Märkische Schweiz, 50 km east of Berlin, was suggested to him by poet and writer Bertolt Brecht, who lived in the nearby village of Buckow.



From Berlin to Nijmegen, by bike! :-)

Nice biking tour from Berlin to the Netherlands. 859 kilometer in five days using Europa Radweg 1, through Berlin, Brandenburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, the Harz and Nordrhein-Westfalen. Stunning views and strange and beautiful encounters along the way.


20120101_104936 kopie 20120102_16445320120101_074535

2018 Silent Friends, exhibition by Niels Beugeling in Berlin

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Exhibition Silent Friends was on show in Kulturkapellen Berlin, Verwalterhaus Alter Friedhof St. Marien- St. Nikolai, Prenzlauer Allee 1 Berlin. Works by Niels Beugeling: photography and artist books and Birte Haaken.

March 17 – April 8  2018.

EINLADUNG_UITNODIGING_Silent Friends ausstellung Berlin 2